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I started Fottles Travels more than a decade ago. I was 20-years-old and heading out to Central America for my very first solo travel experience. In the days of sketchy internet connections and expensive long-distance calling, writing about my adventures in Honduras seemed like a smart way to make sure my family and friends back in the UK knew I was still alive and kicking on the other side of the world. 

Since then, I've travelled to more than 40 more countries and written about most of them on the way. Fottles Travels has documented some of the most life-shaping experiences a human being can have. I've slummed it as a broke student backpacker through Europe; I've travelled from Africa to Asia as a travel reporter; I've lived the high life on board some of the world's craziest superyachts in the Caribbean; I've embraced ancient ceremonies in the heart of the Amazon jungle.  

Travel has taught me the essence of life. Learn things, meet people, get to know the beautiful world we live in and all of the beautiful things going on inside it. 

It's been an absolute ride - and we're just getting started.

- Gemma Fottles 



Freelance writer

As a freelance journalist, copywriter and editor based in Amsterdam, blogging at Fottles Travels is not my only creative outlet. My professional writing portfolio ranges from glossy editorial features in international magazines such as Superyacht Digest and Centurion, to fresh marketing material for a wide range of luxury travel and lifestyle brands from Secret Escapes to the Monaco Yacht Show. 

My specialisations are totally varied. My expertise spans budget travel, wellness and feminism to the ins and outs of the luxury yacht business. Intrigued to see how that unusual combination plays out in the projects I work on? Explore examples of my work on my freelance writer portfolio


Get in touch

Interested in working with travel and lifestyle blog Fottles Travels or looking to get in touch with freelance writer Gemma Fottles? Send an email to or leave a message on the blog contact form. 

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