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48 Hours in Amsterdam

I’ve lived in Amsterdam for one year (almost) exactly. It’s been an amazing experience with a lot of ups and downs… the absolute nightmare of trying to find a new house that wasn’t a million miles away from civilisation, finding a  job that didn’t involve cringing hard at telling people about, an everlasting lack of money and a slight homesickness for all the people in England that made it bearable for the first 20-odd years of my life has all been eradicated by the many happy memories I’ve had in the city I live in and the great times that I’ve had here so far.

Living on a boat in Amsterdam

The past year has turned me from an absolutely hapless tourist, scared to ride a bike anywhere that wasn’t a park and pretty apprehensive of everything and everyone, to a fully fledged local. This is something in which somehow my boyfriend and I seem to subconsciously feel superior about. Somehow, we seem to think this gives us the right to laugh at those wandering tour groups of map-bearing-mac-wearing-SLR-holding people or, on the other side of the spectrum, cast judging looks upon that trademark English group of men slumped outside a coffee shops with eyes as red as the sun and a slightly queasy, eternally content look on their faces. HA! We say. Just LOOK at those tourists, not knowing anything about Amsterdam…

But, merely one year ago, this was us! How can we stand there on our Netherlands Pedestal thinking we’re so great? Everyone is a tourist at some point in their life and, in my opinion, Amsterdam is a pretty hard city to find bars or restaurants or nights out that are not so central and touristy and, well, everything that I’ve grown to dislike since knowing better.


And so. The point of this post. I have created a FREE travel guide! Ohmygodohmygodohmygod, yes FREE. Hurrah, everyone rejoice for a good, free travel guide to spending 48 hours in Amsterdam and not getting ensnared only by the enticing smoky swirls from coffee shops and the glare of the red lights. There is so much more to Amsterdam than what immediately springs to mind, and it’s great to get out there and really enjoy everything!

It’s created on – an awesome new platform that any travel blogger or writer should look into. They provide you with an easy to follow template to create a travel guide on absolutely anything your heart desires – whether that’ 48 hours in Amsterdam, or 6 months in Australia! This guide is actually part of a competition to win a free return flight to anywhere in the world which, of course, would be VERY NICE. So, if you’ve got a mild interest of the capital of the Netherlands and what I recommend you should do, then share it on Facebook or Twitter or, better yet, do that AND download it. Hurrah!

Here’s the link 🙂

Amsterdam Free Travel Guide

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