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  • Gemma Fottles

A View from the Top – Great Wall of China

The great wall of china view

I’ve posted about the Great Wall of China before, but I was recently reminiscing about past travels and stumbled across all of my pictures all over again. It never fails to amaze me that I’ve been there – I’ve visited and walked along one of the most awesome and renowned places in the world. It blows me away today almost as much as it did when I was there. Walking Trekking up steep steps for what seemed an eternity and sweating an obscene amount in the humid heat of Beijing in the process was absolutely worth it. Although my experience sadly had a very ‘organised tour’ type feel and we were only able to explore for an hour or two, it was still one of my favourite travel highlights. I’d love to go back again one day and take my time to really appreciate not only the wall and it’s incredible history, but the a-mazing views as well!

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