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Buckin’ Bronco in Australia’s outback

Updated: Aug 19, 2020


I recently rediscovered this picture after having a bit of a photo clear out. It doesn’t look like much, but it tells the story of a night spent at a very random ranch when I was backpacking Australia 5 years ago! We got a hop-on-hop-off bus from Cairns all the way down to Sydney, stopping where we wanted for the  most part but THIS, well, this was mandatory. I don’t know why. The highlight was definitely this for me, as – like the rest of Australia – the main emphasis seemed to be on a meat infested meal. As a vegetarian at the time, this wasn’t the greatest meal of my life to say the least. I also bumped into someone my older sister went to school with, which made the whole thing even more random: we were quite literally in the middle of nowhere. Small world!

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