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The Coca Cola Man: the only happy thing in Cape Town

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

I hated Cape Town. I didn't want to, I really didn't. But I didn't enjoy the city. It was too big. Not suited for long rambling strolls around the streets. A nightlife seemingly only accessible with local expertise. But the V&A Waterfront delivered one spark of joy on my glum time in Cape Town: the Coca Cola man.
Coca Cola Man in Cape Town, South Africa

And here he is. I didn’t really enjoy South Africa that much… the people and the whole atmosphere of the cities were definitely not my cup of tea. Cape Town, however, was definitely a highlight. This structure is made entirely of Coca Cola crates and was put up for the world cup. Pretty cool.

Some actual information about art and Cape Town and the structure

The dark side of travel

Playing into my feelings about Cape Town HAD to be the fact that it was the final destination on a four-month-long trip. I was kind of done with travelling - can you believe it?

Cape Town: worth a second visit?

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