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  • Gemma Fottles

Chasing waterfalls on Iceland’s Ring Road

Goðafoss Waterfall, Iceland, December 2017

For my Christmas vaycay this year (yes, I get a Christmas holiday – something in which I am very, very, VERY grateful for!), I decided to break with tradition. Instead of flying back home to England for an English Christmas with all the trimmings, this year I am in ICELAND, touring the Ring Road for 10 days. AND IT IS EVERYTHING I WANTED IT TO BE AND MORE! This is the Goðafoss, taken on the 5th day of our trip around the world’s third windiest country* – a beautiful waterfall in the Northeast of the country at the beginning of the Sprengisandur highland road, and just one of the seemingly endless breathtakingly beautiful sights to see on the Ring Road. With 4 more days left, follow me on the rest of the journey on Instagram!

*I cannot seem to verify this fact. I read it on the plane to Reykjavik from Amsterdam… and though every article I read differs in it’s positioning, it seems to be a safe assumption that Iceland is at the very least somewhere in the top 4 windiest countries in the whole world. Facts are important, people.

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