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  • Gemma Fottles

Costa Rica Pura Vida: Take me Back to Paradise

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

As I sit here in my cold university house, stressed and anxious about the impending end of my student days (2 weeks to go...), my mind cannot help but take itself back to sunnier times. Time for another travel throwback to get me through third-year hell: living it up under the coconuts on a deserted beach in Costa Rica.
Quepos by Fottles

This picture was taken last summer in Costa Rica, about a week before I had to return back to England and back to the reality of University and general monotony. Latin America was my very first solo backpacking trip and at this point, after a month of touring Honduras as a journalism intern and another few weeks of discovering the lush Pura Vida in Costa Rica, I had a lot to reflect on. The people I had met, the lessons I had learned, the experiences I had enjoyed, the food I had tasted. And my next steps in life...

Like all snapshots of a perfect, if seemingly unremarkable, moment in time, this picture takes me back to laying on that deserted beach in Costa Rica, watching the waves crash on the soft sand and soaking up the sounds of the jungle canopy behind me. With two weeks left of official university life, I cannot express how much I can't wait to get back to do what I love doing most. Experiencing the world and making travel my reality. Oh, the excitement.

If you want to help me make this my reality then watch my entry to the See the World with SPAR World Trip, the prize being four months all-expenses-paid trip travel reporting from 14 different countries! * UPDATE: I WON! Scroll the archives to discover my STWWS journey.
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