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  • Gemma Fottles

Driving through the wintery German countryside


This picture was taken en route to Chappele in the French Alps on a week long ski trip with some of my fam. Although I was pretty engrossed in long awaited must read for most of the way, I managed to prise myself away from the pages and appreciate some of the awesome views of the increasingly wintery German countryside. According to my iPhone, this was taken in Girod in Rhineland-Palatinate (thanks, technology!).  One of the downfalls of long journeys is that you sometimes forget to take in the views that are passing you by… but, really, how long can you simply stare out of a window for? Besides, driving on the Autobahn with no speed limits doesn’t make for hours of easy spectatorship!

#Countryside #RoadTrip #Holiday #Photography #Winter #Snow #Driving #alps #Germany

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