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  • Gemma Fottles

#EnjoyLifeMore – finding happiness in the Amazon jungle

After being contacted by the lovely people at E-cigarette Direct about their latest social media campaign, I had to think long and hard about a moment that really epitomised the theme: Enjoy Life More. As somebody who clearly loves to travel, it shouldn’t really have been that hard to pinpoint a moment that really captured the essence of this campaign, but when there’s been so many amazing moments, it’s a challenge! (Oh, it’s a hard life.)

I’ve racked my brains for the past month trying to think of the most special moment of my travels so far, and after visiting the Amazon jungle in Peru last week, I’ve finally found it. This picture was taken on day two of our stay in the jungle, with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. The guy wielding a machete was our guide, 67 year old jungle man Benjamin. I’ve honestly never met anyone with as kind a heart and strong a spirit as this man. He trekked us all around the jungle whilst barely breaking a sweat, and was so eager to show us all of the amazing things the environment had to offer.

We drank water from tree roots, ate wild exotic fruits I can’t remember the name of, spoke with Amazonian people and their beautiful little curious children, and just had the best time ever. I left the jungle feeling so full of love and happiness, that truly made me appreciate life in all its many forms. I think I’ve nailed the epitome of enjoying life in this picture… No?

This is a competition, so if you want to vote me to win, please do! It’s super easy, just go here and click on moi!

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