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Falling in love with Latin America: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

manuel antonio, costa rica

When I was 19 I undertook an internship with a newspaper in Honduras, and after my work was done, I headed off to Costa Rica all by myself… well, kind of. I booked a group tour, as I was a bit afraid of being entirely by myself, and HATED it. The whole organised fun aspect of the trip was just lame to me, and that paired with some very irritating, super American girlies, it kind of spoiled what should have been an incredible tour of the country!

Despite not really getting on with the whole group tour thing, I absolutely fell in love with Latin America when I was here, with the friendly people, the laid back attitudes and the a-mazing scenery. I can’t believe my second time round in Latin America is almost at an end. Home time in just two days – waaah!

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