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Getting inspiration from my first Travel Wish List

Despite being a travel blogger and obsessed with all things travel, I’ve never before made a travel wish list – at least not one that exists outside of my own head. I mean, of course, within some of the numerous points of procrastination that plague my day I often think about where I would go if money, time and ‘real life’ wasn’t a factor, but to put them down on paper (or in this case… the internet)… Well, I don’t actually know why I haven’t. I’m also a big fan of making lists, so, surely, a travel wish list should have made it somewhere, no?

In hindsight, the reason behind this could be partly due to fear. It kind of scares me to make big travel lists, bucket lists or ‘Must Do Before I hit 30’ lists are, in my perpetually pessimistic mind, setting yourself up or a fail. Do I want to turn 30 in several years time and be hit not only with the dreaded realisation that I’m no longer in my 20’s, but also that I failed to realise many of the amazing things I intended to do when I was still enamoured with life and youth?

I know this is dramatic. (I’m scared of getting old and having regrets, okay?!) And I probably will achieve everything that I hope to achieve in terms of travel because I’m determined to do it… but there’s always that niggling little voice in the back of your head, quietly whispering, ‘But what if you don’t?’

This being the last day of the first month of the New Year, however, I’ve decided to screw it and do it. I want to talk about the awesome places that I want to go in the next couple of years, and you never know, maybe having it published on my blog where I implore others to go and chase an adventure will push me into absolutely securing these procrastination fantasies. So, without further ado, here is my travel wish list, or to be more precise, my travel wish list of the next three years. (Relatively short term = more motivation…right?!)


The top, top, top of my list is Antarctica. This might sound like a bit of a strange one, but after writing an article for work about cruising in the most barren land mass in the world, I completely fell in love and think about cruising in Antarctica errrrrrrrrday. The most inhospitable place on earth and also one of the most breathtakingly beautiful, this is the only place in the whole world that humans are yet to ruin – though, sadly, with global warming and increased tourism, this is changing. With sustainable, restricted and well-regulated tours however, this could change. And that’s the tour I wanna do. Yes.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu is next on my list – and is probably high on the list’s of many, many, many people the world over. I got my first taste of Latin American history in Las Copan Ruinas in Honduras two years ago, and was completely blown away by the comparably much smaller and less rich history there. So combining mountains, an incredible country and a lost Inca civilisation to explore? It has got to be done.


Somewhere a little closer to home and less grandiose of a trip is Morocco. For some reason, everything I’ve ever read and every picture I’ve ever seen of this Northern African country appeals to me. I have a vision of sipping Moroccan tea in a smoky tea bar, escaping the crowded, hot, dusty markets and gorging myself on a wealth of delicious Moroccan food. A fantasy, maybe, but I think a fantasy that could easily materialise.


A trip that has been high on my travel wish list for a while now is a weekend in Paris. Again, very close to home for me, but adventure doesn’t have to be a million miles away, and it certainly doesn’t have to be somewhere as off the beaten track as Antarctica! Paris has always appealed to me, and just like Morocco, I have a very distinct vision of what my trip there would entail. Largely sipping coffee and eating croissants on a sunny day in a tiny little Parisian cafe, jumping on my bike, eating baguettes, seeing the Eiffel Tower and eating a lot of cheese and drinking a lot of wine. (I detect a theme here… don’t judge my insatiable love for indulgence!)


Last but not least is Bolivia – specifically a visit to the salt plains that I see soooo many pictures of. Although I don’t think going anywhere purely for the sake of a photo op is a good idea, it’s impossible to leave the plains without the obligatory WHERE-DOES-THE-SKY-END-AND-THE-EARTH-BEGIN!?!?!??! pictures, and I wholeheartedly look forward to getting multiple versions of such.

So that’s it. 5 trips that make the top of my list, hopefully that I can make in the next few years. I don’t know what I was worried about. Having it all down on paper this blog reaffirms my absolute desire to go… and it all looks very do-able to me! If you’re currently experiencing the end of January self-depreciation of not achieving your New Year’s Resolutions, why not make a list too. Even if you don’t go, travel plans are almost always guaranteed to make you feel better. Go and get your next adventure.

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