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Hanging out in Teufeslberg, Berlin

Hanging around in Teufeslberg, Berlin

This is one of my favourite pictures of the two times I’ve ever visited Berlin. After kind of hating it the first time, I was lucky enough to be invited back by the lovely guys at, and was shown the ‘real’ side of the city away from the hostels and the super tourist-y sites. This was taken at a place called Teufeslberg, which is a little bit of a trek away from, well, anywhere, but well worth going. It’s grimy, it’s raw and it’s got such an interesting history. This actually used to be free to go inside, and you just walked yourself around, but living in the capitalistic society we live in, of course an opportunity was seized to make money. Now, you have to pay around €15 entry to be guided around by the grumpiest and scariest old German people you’ll probably ever meet in Berlin. Yaay…

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