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  • Gemma Fottles

Portugal road trip: hidden gothic treasures

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

I've got to be honest. Road tripping in Portugal was not my favourite road trip holiday - and I've done my fair share of stints on the road. I was looking forward to exploring the rolling hills of Portugal, the sights, the sounds, the sun... The roads were winding but uninspirational, the sights were dilapidated and depressing and, believe it or not, the weather sucked. Alas, there were some hidden gems along the way, the unassuming Lamego Cathedral being one of them.

Like this Gothic cathedral, we stumbled upon, standing tall over the town of Lamego since the 12th Century. A little bit dilapidated (unfortunately, much like the rest of Portugal…), but still pretty magnificent.

Though a road trip through Portugal this summer proved very quickly that Portugal was, indeed, not a country that was particularly well-suited to road tripping, it was still a country full of surprises.

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