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I’ve been nominated for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2014!

So, after running this blog for two whole years (say whaaaaaaaat?!), efforts have finally paid off and I’ve been shortlisted to win Best Travel Blog in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2014! To say that I am happy would be a massive understatement. But I’m happy.

Making the shortlist is such an amazing feeling because – as I’m sure every person who blogs, writes or is embarking upon any kind of career path that is SO bloody difficult to crack (hmmph.) – it’s nice to get recognition for something that you do for the love of it. And love it, I do.

Cosmo blog awards 2014 vote for!

SO! With all this in mind, I would very much appreciate anybody reading these words to click on this link and spend one minute of their day voting for me! I’m in the ‘Travel Blog’ category… obviously, but you have to click through the other blog categories first. I think travel may be sixth. But anyway, one minute of your time in exchange for a lifetime of appreciation. To every one. Every single person gets a lifetime of appreciation. Oh. Yes.

And here’s a reminder just why you SHOULD vote for me! I started off writing pretty unstructured stuff about various trips. Such as my big LADS holiday to Zante, which came shortly after an internship in Honduras, leaving a TINY budget. I still had a year of uni to go at this point, and wrote sporadically about travelling as a vegetarian, and surviving Hong Kong on another shoestring budget.  After that, I won the job of a lifetime as a SPAR reporter, and spent four months travelling 13 countries and 4 continents to return to England and head off on a ski season in France. After getting FIRED?!?! (and surviving the rest of the winter in the Alps), I moved to Amsterdam where I now live with my boyf – and I’ve documented everything of interest on the way! So have a gander around my blog, laugh, cry, cringe, whatever, and then go and vote for me!

Giant South African Lego Man.

Tignes Le Lac

Our van in all its glory


Colosseum - Rome


Hurrah! Thanks a million!

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