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I just won a trip around the world - seriously

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Guys... I JUST WON A JOB AS A TRAVEL REPORTER. I'm in disbelief. You know when you hear about people winning incredible things? A lifetime supply of their favourite chocolate, a two-week holiday in Bali or the lottery...? Well. I am now officially one of those people. I WON! I am so proud and happy and excited to announce that I am officially the UK travel reporter for the See the World with SPAR campaign!

Travelling the world with See the World with SPAR

For a total of four months, starting on the 30th July in Ireland and finishing on the 5th December in South Africa, I will be reporting on my experiences around the world as part of the See the World with SPAR campaign. It may come as a surprise to some at home here in the UK, but yes, that local supermarket down the street is actually a huge international enterprise. SPAR International is sending 6 different travel reporters from 6 different countries to some of their most exciting markets: from China to Zambia, from Slovenia to Zambia.

Kitted out with an awesome digital nomad travel kit from the SPAR team including a travel laptop and a new GoPro camera, I will take photos, create videos on YouTube and write stories about my experiences around the world. I will be using a blogging platform created by SPAR International specifically for the campaign, but I will of course also be using this blog as well!

How did I win a trip around the world?

My social media has been completely and utterly clogged up with the SPAR international travel reporting competition for about the last two months. My friends have undoubtedly become sick of the sight of my tweets, statuses (stati?), comments and blog posts begging, pleading and goading people to WATCH ME! TWEET ME! LIKE ME! SHARE ME!  LOVE ME! But the end is nigh! It all paid off and I only went and bloody won didn’t I?!

So this means that for now, boring vote for me posts are a thing of the past. Hurrah! Instead, my blog, twitter, youtube and Facebook will be full of amazing travel stories from all over the world.

STWWS Around the World Travel Itinerary

The itinerary for my round the world trip is loosely set by the campaign managers. From country to country, there will be some spots that we will join up with the other travel reporters and experiencing together - like Tromso in Norway! But mostly, we have been given free rein to choose our top travel experiences in each destination.

Here's where I will be travelling over the next four months - starting in just three week's time! AH!

  • Hungary – 30th July -5th August

  • Slovenia – 6th August – 15th August

  • Italy – 16th August – 25th August

  • Ireland – 26th August – 4th September

  • Denmark – 5th September – 11th September

  • Norway – 12th September – 21st September

  • Russia: 22nd September – 1st October

  • Mongolia: 2nd October – 4th October

  • China: 5th October – 20th October

  • Australia: 21st October – 7th November

  • Zambia: 8th November – 15th November

  • South Africa: 16th November – 3rd December

Stay tuned to follow me on my adventures around the world as I prepare to leave in just 24 day's time! Seriously, can you believe this!? I am actually going on an all-expenses-paid trip around the world, writing and creating cool travel content along the way. I know I've poured a lot of energy into this over the past few months, but I truly feel like the luckiest human being in the world. I won a trip around the world. I am the living proof that people do win these crazy opportunities...

More than anything, I hope that inspires someone else to just screw it and give it a shot when they see that too-good-to-be-true competition in the future.

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