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  • Gemma Fottles

My first Belgian waffle in Amsterdam


This was my very first waffle of a very long line of waffles in Amsterdam. Of course I’d had waffles before, but OH MY GOD. My mind was blown. Amsterdam is famous for the smell of coffee shops drifting from street to street in the centre, but nobody ever talks about the smell of waffles which, I kid you not, is just as pungent in the air as weed. The shop in which I bought this from closed down a few months after I discovered it – much to my horror. Probably not to the horror of my ever-expanding waffle-waistline, however. After almost three months in South America, I’ll be back home in Amsterdam in just three weeks time. *sob* Thinking about stuffing my face with waffles and ice-cream kind of softens the blow though…

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