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  • Gemma Fottles

Rambling around the British countryside: Edale


Though I am very aware of how ridiculous I look in this photograph (the hat is my dad’s, and it was COLD, okay?!), it always takes me back to the day I spent hiking in Edale with my dad – which was a very happy day despite the very English weather. My dad being my dad managed to convince me to what can only be described as scramble up the steepest hill-face. I actually had to cling on to the shrubs to prevent my fall to a probable death. (I’m sure he’ll laugh at that comment…). This smiling picture was taken prior to the wall of death climb, as you can probably tell.

This is what I miss when I’m at home in Amsterdam; being able to go and do amazing things outdoors with relative ease. You take it for granted when you’re living it, but as soon as you take yourself away from what you’ve become accustomed to, you start to realise how awesome things really are. As I write about here!

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