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A taste of the Caribbean: St Lucia from sea to shore

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

St Lucia had never really been high on my travel bucket list. Not that it’s Caribbean shores haven’t wandered into my thoughts in times of desperately longing for winter to be over, but it just has never really appealed for more than the sun, sea and bottomless BBCs. And with it being a looooong, pricey flight away from my current residing, I wasn’t counting on going there any time soon.

Cue: a very jammy job. One of the best perks I’d ever experienced as Editor of a yachting publication, I was offered the chance to take that loooong, pricey flight and escape the arctic-state of Europe. Better yet? My new residence for the whirlwind trip was to be a 55-metre super-crazy-insane-lux superyacht.

For fear of sounding like a very spoiled princess, once I got over the initial excitement, it wasn’t the oh-my-god-trip-of-a-lifetime you might expect. Holidaying on a yacht – especially when you’re not the person who is paying for it – is kind of limited in a lot of ways. It was incredible – the food, the amazing toys, the golden sunsets over the sea – but it didn’t really feel like I experienced much of what St Lucia had to offer. Staring out the rugged, beach-strewn outline of the island from afar is not really my idea of a vay-cay…

Still, what am I saying. I absolutely would not say no if the chance came up again.


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