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Today is the day. After talking about it somewhat endlessly for the past three months of my life, today is the day that I finally start my 4 month long trip around the world with SPAR. And this is the full list of everywhere I’ll be going. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Although I’ve been waiting forever it’s still come around far too quickly. I am completely disorganised and instead of spending the past month doing nothing but research, I have instead spent it with the people who I will miss like crazy until I’m back. Buuuuut all will be well – the best trips are the ones that just fall into place… or so I keep telling myself. This being said, if anyone has advice on where to go , what to see or how to make my epic rucksack make me look like less of a turtle with an overdeveloped shell, then feel free to let me know!

First stop: Budapest babbbbbbbbby!

#Rucksack #Europe #Life #Journalism #Travel #Budapest #Hungary

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