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See the World with SPAR: The opportunity of a lifetime

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

The time has come. My last ever English Literature exam was completed last Tuesday, which concluded my time at the University of Birmingam and thus my 15-year stint in the British education system. Mild panic has ensued, but guess what? I have a plan. That plan involves a lot of hard work, a dream travel reporting job and more than its fair share of luck. And that's where you come in.

Although I am currently experiencing the b-e-a-udiful feeling of having literally nothing to do after a challenging onslaught of final year exams, the creeping sense of panic is slowly but surely making its way to disrupt my present stress-free state. I do not have a job. I do not have any money. And, most importantly, I'm set to graduate this summer with a degree in English Literature and Media. Yes, I took a degree in reading books and watching movies. Not maths books. Not science documentaries. But storybooks and pretty pictures. Despite the self-deprecation, I am a proud graduand of English Literature and Media. But come the 1st of July, I may find myself in a less than desirable situation... or the best situation of my life.

See the World with SPAR

It’s been clogging up my twitter and Facebook feeds for the best part of a month, and the final day that anyone can help me out is HERE. International supermarket chain SPAR is currently running a crazy travel competition. The competition is a four-month all-expenses-paid trip around the world, funded by SPAR International and representing SPAR UK. In return for this little gift, I will act as a roaming travel reporter – visiting some of the biggest SPAR markets and blogging, uploading videos and capturing awesome travel photos along the way. That's right. This is the opportunity to win a job as a travel reporter, actively travelling the world and getting paid to do it.

Bear with me here. Winning this travel reporter job is not as farfetched as it sounds.

Entering this travel writing and travel reporting contest is not a whim. Writing has been my passion since before I can remember, and since being bitten with the travel bug at 18-years-old, all I have thought about is combining my two passions. So, to cut it short, I believe I have a shot here. I want it, I'm good (enough) at it, and I am 1000% ready to throw myself into this and learn everything there is to know about travel reporting and social marketing.

The details

The competition is split into three stages. The first stage requires all participants to create a video and accumulate points on social media channels. Comments on YouTube, likes on Facebook, retweets on Twitter, and voting for me on the official See the World with SPAR competition page all counts for individual points. So, fancy helping me take the big scary step into the world of travel reporting and joining me on an adventure around the world with SPAR?

Of course you do. Look at that big, orange, smiley face, ready to create awesome travel stories for you. Go here to vote for me. It’s really simple - just three clicks and you can give me points and bring me one step closer to the travel writing opportunity of a lifetime! THANK YOU!

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