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  • Gemma Fottles

The most beautiful train journey in the world: Oslo-Bergen

Or at least one of them. The 7 (ish) hour long trip from Oslo to Bergen is consistently rated for the constant breathtaking views all the way across the country. Many top rated and talked about journeys like this can be overrated… but this one certainly lives up to the hype. We saw sheep. We saw cows. We saw mountains, and waterfalls, and fjords, and SNOW, and snowy bikes, and cute Norwegian houses. AHH!

Neither cheap nor particularly expensive (about 70 euros return if you book a little in advance), if you ever find yourself in Norway, I couldn’t recommend this journey enough. If you do go, however, make sure you bring lotsssa water and food for the way.

On our return to Oslo my Dutch companion and I stupidly forgot our beautiful handmade sandwiches, which I had painstakingly and lovingly made a couple of hours before. We also forgot the bottles of water. And an orange. We did remember cake and chips… but sadly this wasn’t enough, and we had to invest about 30 or 40 euros on sandwiches and water. And nuts.

The video below does no justice to the oh-my-GOD spectacular views, but give it a watch anyway.

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