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  • Gemma Fottles

The Roman Colosseum at Sunset


This was taken when I was enjoying a very, very, very warm summer in Rome. I was a little bit skeptical of visiting the Colosseum… it’s one of those must see attractions not just of Rome, or even Italy, but the entire of Europe, and as a result, the crowds and queues can be overwhelming – especially in 40 degree heat! ‘Must sees’ are also often a massive let down when you get there, never living up to your expectations. Thankfully, I was advised by the people in my hostel to head over towards the end of the day, where the queues are typically less. They were right, and I managed to spend a relatively peaceful hour strolling around this amazing place, just as the sun was setting. Ahhh, Rome. Such an incredible place!

#Sunset #Photography #Europe #Tourism #History #Italy #Summer #Rome #Travel

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