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Travel Product Review: JBL Flip 2 Portable Speakers

So for Christmas this year, I was very generously given a brand new pair of portable speakers. For the past year or so, I’ve been forced to listen to the crackling, substandard quality of my boyfriend’s speakers who, seeing as they are HIS speakers, is not very happy when he cannot listen to his own music because I’m blasting mine upon his return from work. (We have a very mature relationship.) So needless to say I was extremely happy to be given a pair of my own.

I’m not a tech kind of person in any way, shape or form, so despite the brand of the new speakers sparking an interest in my boyf’s eyes, I just took it as face value: “Hurrah! A new pair of speakers that I know nothing about, but a new pair, nonetheless!

Regardless of having little to no technological savvy, after using them for over a month around the UK and now back home in Amsterdam, I can comfortably confirm that these speakers are great. I get a little bit afraid of technology usually, and the thought of having to work out how to wirelessly connect to anything makes my head hurt, but the Flip 2 Speakers are the easiest thing to use in the world. There’s no working out required, which suits me just fine. Press the bluetooth button, connect to your phone, done.


Everything thus far is kind of just what you would expect from some good speakers. So let’s move on to the travel benefits. Number one? All of the above! Good bluetooth connectivity is amazing when you’re away, meaning you can actually listen to whatever you want on the beach, in your hostel, on a road trip to replace the old-school, crappy stereo system in your clapped out camper van…

But, no, there are of course more benefits to travel and these speakers. The fact that the battery lasts five hours is pretty good. I mean, it’s not FOREVER, but it’s long enough to be able to not get frustrated at a constantly dying set of speakers. They’re also small and light, and come in their own hard case, making them easy to carry around in your rucksack or suitcase without the fear of them being smashed into a million pieces or somehow damaged to the point of no return.

And finally (but probably most importantly) the sound. I used to have an awesome pair of speakers from Bose – not travel, granted – but the sound quality on those bad boys was pretty hard to beat. I’m not going to lie, the Flip 2’s definitely didn’t beat it, but they put up a good fight! Very loud, good bass, and extremely clear. I actually can’t wait to take these away with me – a luxury that I’ve never afforded myself whilst travelling but always wanted to.

Some final added travel points here are rewarded for a USB adapter for multiple different countries. And all for the relatively bargain price of £99.99 – and at the moment, they’re £20 off with free shipping directly from JBL. God bless January sales – marvellous. (Available all over the world – check here for your local store!)

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