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Travel Product Review: Micro 3-in-1 Luggage Scooter

When I was contacted by Micro-Scooters with a proposal to review one of their latest products, honestly? I laughed a little bit. Not a scornful, ‘I’m-bigger-than-this’ kind of laugh, just a chuckle. I mean, I haven’t ridden a scooter since primary school, and would not hesitate to mock any grown adult who choose a scooter as their method of transport. The second reason for my amusement is that, of course, I run a travel blog. No one actually uses scooters to get from country to country, right?

My tendency to skim read emails got the better of me here, however. I was being offered not just a run of the mill, children’s 90s throwback scooter, but a Micro 3-in-1 Luggage Scooter. Luggage falls into my forte, and upon closer inspection, it actually looked pretty cool (if not slightly bizarre), so I accepted. Not being able to see my shiny new suitcase until I returned back to England over Christmas, I eagerly anticipated my return and this strange, intriguing travel bag.

Steve Aoki Micro 3-in-1 travel scooter luggage!

Two months past and I’d almost forgotten what was waiting for me when I was finally unpacking the large box that had been sat in my mum’s garage all this time. Now, I’m not getting paid to write a positive review on the Scooter Bag, so everything in this review is 100% my honest opinion. Ready?

The Micro 3in1 Luggage is AWESOME. I really, really didn’t think it would be, but it is. It’s the literal perfect travel bag for short journeys; small enough to be acceptable as airline hold luggage, but more than big enough to fit anything you could need for – dependent on what you’re doing and how much you like to change clothes, I guess – up to 5 days. Maybe a week if you’re just going to lay on a beach and not much else.

The bottom compartment managed to squeeze in three or four different winter outfits as well as a far too high pair of chunky high heels, and all was tucked away nicely with straps over the top. After zipping that compartment up, the top layer has a padded section for my laptop, whilst the domed lid has a zipped, netted section which did nicely for all of my toiletries and things that I had inevitably forgotten to pack.

But these are all just features of a decent carry on suitcase, right? Well, right… except that this carry on suitcase also has a scooter attached. In all honestly, I don’t think I would ever actually scoot anywhere unless I was running desperately late for something I just couldn’t miss, but for the less embarrassed among us (or the fatally tardy) it’s a great idea. I’d probably be more likely to use it to carry an extra bag… but each to their own.

Steve Aoki Micro 3-in1 Luggage scooter

And what other wonders does this glorious suitcase hold? A speaker. Yes, there’s a bloody speaker in the side of it. As the bag is a Steve Aoki Limited Edition, I guess that’s the real reason behind having a speaker in there… that obligatory musical link… but if you’re on a weekend break and don’t have room to pack your speakers but fancy some music whilst you’re chilling wherever the hell are you’ve gone to, then this is the perfect solution.

The only downside to these scooter bags is that they are NOT cheap. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Weighing in at £349.95, if you decide to treat yourself (or someone you know. This would be an awe-some present for someone who likes to travel a lot) they’re available from Amazon or

Steve Aoki Micro 3-in1 Luggage scooter
The inside of Steve Aoki Micro 3-in1 Luggage scooter
The laptop pocket in the Steve Aoki Micro 3-in1 Luggage scooter
Steve Aoki Micro 3-in1 Luggage scooter

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