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Exploring the winding fjords of Norway with RedCharlie

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Is there a more magical, neverending place as Norway? After revisiting this summer, I can safely tell you that no, there is not. Norway is EVERYTHING. Norway is a land of adventure, of might and magic and powerful nature. Touring the Norweigian fjords with Superyacht Norway and Travel photographer/videographer Charl van Rooy opened this side of Norway up to me in its entirety.

Norway is just one of the most breathtakingly spectacular places on earth. We were lucky enough to be invited by Superyacht Norway for a road trip through the fjords at the end of this summer – and Mr Charl van Rooy packed his camera for another whirlwind trip in Scandinavia.

I wrote about my bucket-list trip to Norway for Superyacht Life in collaboration with Superyacht Norway. Read about my adventures exploring the best of luxury travel in Norway here.
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