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Win the World: February Travel Competition Round Up

Welcome to  my bi-weekly travel competition round up! One of the major reasons I’m where I am today with my blog and maybe even in life (and no, I’m not being melodramatic for once!) is because I won a travel competition two and a half years ago. Granted, the competition in question wasn’t your run of the mill ‘Click HERE and you could win!’’ kind of competitions, and I did have to work hard through three different stages to be victorious, but victorious I was. I won a 4 month trip around the world as a Travel Reporter for the international company, SPAR. 4 months, all expenses paid. Boom. (Read about the experience here. Spoiler: It was as awesome as it sounds.) Here’s a picture of me doing my obligatory SPAR poses in Rome.

Spar trip to Rome

Before this momentous win, I never entered competitions – apart from the Lottery… which I guess is a competition of sorts. But anyway, I never thought there was any point. That was until I won. And I won big, my friends. So here’s a list of some of the top travel competitions and giveaways going on in the world at the minute. You never know – you might get as lucky as me and get some amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, too! Or something less life-changing, but great nonetheless. The power of optimism.

Good luck!

Worldwide Entry:


Travel Humidor and Xikar Xi Cutter. Deadline 12th February. Enter here.

Aurora Arctic Photography Expedition. Deadline 15th March. Enter here. 

5 day wine tour of Greece. (USA only) Deadline 30th April. Enter here. 

Inateck 4 port USB travel charger. Deadline 15th February. Enter here. 

Cultural Tour of Germany. Deadline February 28th. Enter here. 

A St. Patrick’s Day visit to Dublin, Ireland. (USA only). Deadline March 18th. Enter here. 

Canon Powershot D30 Camera + other travel goodies. Deadline February 13th. Enter here.

Pierre Cardin 4 piece luggage set. (USA only) Deadline March 1st. Enter here. 

$600 Travel Vouchers. (Canada only) Deadline February 13th. Enter here. 

4 day wine trip to Italy. (USA only) Deadline April 30th. Enter here. 

World Nomads Foodie Scholarship in Sri Lanka. Deadline March 6th. Enter here. 

Ultimate Compact Travel Kit worth $600. Deadline February 16th. Enter here. 

Ongoing monthly photography competition. Deadline month by month. Enter here. 

$4 Valentine’s Jet Ride. Deadline 14th February. Enter here. 

$100,000 tailored luxury trip to Hawaii. (USA only) Deadline 24th March. Enter here. 

$1000 of luxury travel clothes. Deadline 12th February. Enter here.

Toddler’s Travel Bed. Deadline 18th February. Enter here. 

UK Entry:


Fashion and lifestyle blogger Yacht trip in Monaco. Deadline 1st March. Enter here. 

Return flights to Thailand. Deadline 13th February. Enter here. 

An amazing cruise of the Galapagos. Deadline 31st March. Enter here. 

£1000 of Odyssey Travel Vouchers. Deadline 31st March. Enter here. 

Photography competition: Published work + 4 day Lapland expedition. Deadline monthly. Enter here.

Travel writing comp: An arctic expedition + publication in Nat Geo Traveller. Deadline 30th April. Enter here. 

A wellness trip for two in Austria. Deadline 16th March. Enter here. 

Luxury trip to Dominica with Lonely Planet. Deadline 1st March. Enter here.

A trip to the Maldives for 2. Deadline 15th March. Enter here. 

A weekend with Ray Mears in Ontario. Deadline 31st May. Enter here. 

A ski touring course & travel kit in Scotland. Deadline 13th February. Enter here.

£5000 grand prize + MacBook runner up prizes Photography Competition. Deadline 16th March. Enter here.

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