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Win the World: May Travel Competition Round-Up

Welcome to  my weekly travel competition round up! One of the major reasons I’m where I am today with my blog and maybe even in life (and no, I’m not being melodramatic for once!) is because I won a travel competition two and a half years ago. Granted, the competition in question wasn’t your run of the mill ‘Click HERE and you could win!’’ kind of competitions, and I did have to work hard through three different stages to be victorious, but victorious I was. I won a 4 month trip around the world as a Travel Reporter for the international company, SPAR. 4 months, all expenses paid. Boom. (Read about the experience here. Spoiler: It was as awesome as it sounds.) Here’s a picture of me doing my obligatory SPAR poses in Rome.

Spar trip to Rome

Worldwide Entry:

682384-brazil Love Home Swap

A year of FREE accommodation with LoveHomeSwap! Deadline 30th May. Enter here. 

Win a summer of European festivals and a GoPro. Deadline 4th June. Enter here. 

Win a wearable sleeping bad. Deadline May 31st. Enter here. 

A 4 day luxury stay in Hong Kong. Deadline 31st May. Enter here. 

Win a weekend in Zanzibar. (Kenya only) Deadline 29th May. Enter here.

A $150 Amazon giftcard for your travel story. Deadline July 31st. Enter here. 

€22 off your first booking with Airbnb! Deadline ongoing. Enter here.

Win a $2000 travel getaway voucher! (Aus only) Deadline 24th October. Enter here. 

$900 worth of Lonely Planet & Kathmandu merch. (Aus only) Deadline 15th June. Enter here. 

Win a Hedgren Formula one suitcase & book bundle (Aus only). Deadline 27th September. Enter here.

Photography competition. Deadline month by month. Enter here. 

Win £500 of travel vouchers! Deadline 31st May. Enter here. 

Win a trip to two to the Maldives. Deadline 17th July. Enter here. 

UK Entry:


Win a 7 night Grecian cruise. Deadline 31st May. Enter here. 

Photography comp: Published work + 4 day Lapland expedition. Deadline monthly. Enter here.

A trip to Tobago! Deadline 31st May. Enter here. 

Win a Leica-Vlux camera. Deadline 15th August. Enter here.

A luxury trip to Crete for two. Deadline 21st June. Enter here.

Young travel writers competition (up to age 17). Deadline 30th June. Enter here.

Travel Writing experience in New Zealand. (Students only) Deadline 15th June. Enter here.

Win a trip for two to Tobago. Deadline 31st May. Enter here. 

Win a trip to the Caribbean! Deadline 3rd June. Enter here. 

Win a £500 voucher for your next family adventure. Deadline 15th September. Enter here. 

A weekend with Ray Mears in Ontario. Deadline 31st May. Enter here. 

A holiday to Iceland and published work. Deadline 30th June. Enter here. 

Win a £2000 bespoke trip to Ireland. Deadline 31st October. Enter here.

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