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Win the World: Travel Competition Roundup

Welcome to  my weekly travel competition round up! One of the major reasons I’m where I am today with my blog and maybe even in life (and no, I’m not being melodramatic for once!) is because I won a travel competition two and a half years ago. Granted, the competition in question wasn’t your run of the mill ‘Click HERE and you could win!’’ kind of competitions, and I did have to work hard through three different stages to be victorious, but victorious I was. I won a 4 month trip around the world as a Travel Reporter for the international company, SPAR. 4 months, all expenses paid. Boom. (Read about the experience here. Spoiler: It was as awesome as it sounds.) Here’s a picture of me doing my obligatory SPAR poses in Rome.

Spar trip to Rome

Worldwide Entry:


A trip to Hawaii. Deadline 20th April. Enter here. 

Win a pair of Dubarry boots. Deadline 6th April. Enter here. 

A trip to Fiji. Deadline 23rd April. Enter here.

€22 off your first booking with Airbnb! Deadline ongoing. Enter here.

5 day wine tour of Greece. (USA only) Deadline 30th April. Enter here. 

4 day wine trip to Italy. (USA only) Deadline April 30th. Enter here. 

Win a Lumix Cameria. Deadline April. Enter here. 

$900 worth of Lonely Planet & Kathmandu merch. (AUS only) Deadline 15th June. Enter here. 

Photography competition. Deadline month by month. Enter here. 

A 5 day trip to the Maldives. (Aus only) Deadline 22nd May. Enter here. 

A trip to one of the 7 wonders of the world. Deadline 27th March. Enter here. 

UK Entry:


An Antler Juno Suitcase and Travel Holdall. Deadline 26th March. Enter here.

£50 pre-paid travel credit card. Deadline 3rd April. Enter here. 

Return flights to NYC with £1000 spending money. Deadline 26th March. Enter here. 

Win two pairs of economy flights. (Aus only) Deadline 31st March. Enter here. 

A years worth of UK travel. Deadline 30th March. Enter here. 

An amazing cruise of the Galapagos. Deadline 31st March. Enter here. 

£1000 of Odyssey Travel Vouchers. Deadline 31st March. Enter here. 

Win a 7 night Grecian cruise. Deadline 31st May. Enter here. 

Photography comp: Published work + 4 day Lapland expedition. Deadline monthly. Enter here.

An Olympus PEN EPL7 camera and £1,000 shopping spree. Deadline 29th March. Enter here. 

Win a road trip for two in Utah. Deadline 12th April. Enter here. 

A cultural tour of St. Petersburg. Deadline 19th April. Enter here. 

An arctic expedition + publication in Nat Geo Traveller. Deadline 30th April. Enter here. 

A family holiday to Jordan. Deadline 30th April. Enter here. 

A weekend with Ray Mears in Ontario. Deadline 31st May. Enter here. 

Win a £2000 bespoke trip to Ireland. Deadline 31st October. Enter here. 


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